Tried it and failed

by sikoram - 3/3/13 4:06 PM

In Reply to: Factory Settings by sikoram

Tried with battery in, battery out and battery in with power plug. Got the following:

DOS prompt "start up repair". I went to start up repair and got a start up repair format that then prompted me for a system restore. I went to system restore and got a progress bar that went for 4-5 minutes then locked up (everything froze) I had a hard disk light (green and blinking intermittently) but when the screen froze, the hard disk light went out. I then used compressed air and blew out every orfice (port) I could find and the cooling vents in case there was an overheat issue caused by a blocked fan etc. Then repeated the process again with all the above occurring in the same sequence. I did this several more times in case the netbook was just messing with me. Same result. I am thinking doorstop at this point as I cannot get the netbook to run anymore than 5 minutes.