Windows Services Failures at Startup, No Internet or sound

by Dave4664 - 6/9/12 11:43 AM

Emachine T3302
Windows XP Home SP3 - No full copy of this is available to me
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
2 Ghz AMD Sempron 3300
1 GB of RAM
AOL Desktop 9.6
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012
Zone Alarm Firewall

Many services fail to intialize on startup or the services shutdown almost instantly after starting. This produces a long string of errors in the event viewer as these services fail. When these occur on startup, the computer hangs for several minutes with just the background present and the mouse cursor. When the icons and taskbar finally appear they come up in Windows traditional theme rather than in XP theme, but this corrects itself after a few minutes and only occurs subsquently when the machine hangs up.

Connection attempts to the Internet dial out and reach step 4 before failing with the following error message: "The Computer was unable to connect to AOL Service" (Error AC-0311 0x84100817

No sound plays on anything because Windows Audio Service is one of the failing services

There are no signs of problems with either the Modem or the Sound card.

My guess is that, since the pipe network operates like a system of literall pipes, a particular service is failing or not configured properly and is thus triggering these chains of service failures. How do I get these services running again?

This all started on Wednesday afternoon, June 6, 2012.