removing USB drives

by tomlake - 10/1/11 8:59 PM

In Reply to: Restart or Bail Out! by Tapisfun

there are 2ways to do this safely, open "my computer" identify the USB drive right click eject
the second is probably the best preferred way, in the system tray click the < to expand hidden icons, look for the USB icon click on it "safely remove hardware, " highlight the drive press "stop" a safe to remove" message will appear when it its safe to remove. you can remove it safely, if you don't do this is might cause a mounting issue the next time you try to. use it, you may not be able to reopen it, to fix that get a linux program booted, open the drive with linux, then dismount it in linux, I found that "fixes the problem for windows. when improperly removed it leaves files open, blocking access to it. Linux repairs the open file problem, when properly unmounted in Linux.the smallest fastest linux is "Puppy linux." a free down load, install on a CD boot from it. then open your USB drive.
Thomas Lake