Babylon Malware

by CheesePouch - 1/19/11 7:27 PM

In Reply to: Babylon Search by scott98499

So basically, it's mal-ware virus... that's copying itself into hidden folders?

I've done everything above...everything!.. and when I search google chrome my results are STILL shown in '' page. I've done the 'extentions' deletion, uninstalled from add/remove programs, gone to Program Files in C: and manually uninstalled both 'myBabylon' and 'Babylon', emptied recycle bin religiously after every deleted the files, changed the "Internet Options" for my homepage (which worked for that specific area), etc etc etc. Still, when I search google chrome my results are always shown in '' page! Grrrrrr!!!!

Whats funny is that when I then search Babylon (I've got no choice remember) for keywords 'revouninstaller review'.... I get no results! Suspicious!

Anyways, Babylon Search can kiss my @ss. I hate malware.

And I'll do a system reinstall to get rid of it if that's what it takes.
I'm not kidding! I'll do it!

The internet is getting to be a MAJOR sinkhole of time and effort in my life.
So many completely wasted hours trying to get more and more buggy software to wirk right ..for what? Thank God I don't work online. Can you imagine?

60% of my time online is dealing with s#!t like this. Whatever. I'm done with it and am headed out. Taking Wikipedia and TVTRopes offline and headin for the hills. I remember being so happy once...(sigh).