Marvell Tray Problem

by mritboy2003 - 4/7/09 9:21 PM

In Reply to: Marvell Tray by chad516

I was having the "clicking sound" nightmare as well, and, during the course of my own research, I stumbled across your post. It's over a year old, so I don't know if you are still a member of CNET or not (in which case you'll never read this so it doesn't really matter), but for anyone else who's having this issue...

The problem is that the application "Marvell Tray" starts when you log into Windows, and then proceeds to check for updates about every 10 seconds, causing that oh-so-familiar "clicking" noise. The solution is to turn off the Marvell Tray application and prevent it from starting every time you use the computer.

If you go to Start, then Run, and type in "msconfig," you'll get to the System Configuration Utility. Under the "Startup" tab, you'll see the list of all applications that run when you start Windows (and you'll probably find tons of sneaky little programs that are gunking up you're system!). Simply scroll down to "MarvellTrayStartup" line and de-select it. Apply the change, reboot, and there'll be no more clicking. Judging from what I've read, and from my tech mentor, there is no danger in turning this application off.

Hope this helps someone.