Your Problems May Or May Not Be Related To Java...

Unfortunately, you've buried your question in this thread where few will see it.. Try posting the question as a new thread on the main forum page and tell us more about your computer... the operating system? The brand name and model number? Things like that... Click on the link below, then click on the "Create a new thread" button in the upper left corner.. Repost your question so all can see and answer..;xNav

In the meantime, to answer your question above JAVA, follow the instructions below. Still, it may or may not fix your problem..

Click on the link to Sun's Java below, then scroll down and click on the ''Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 7'' download button. Follow the prompts, accept the license agreement, then download the full ''Windows Offline Installation'' file to your desktop,(about 15 MB), scan it with your antivirus (just to be sure it's clean). Once that's done, if you've already got a Sun Java version on the computer, open the Control Panel, double click on the ''Add/Remove Programs'' section, then uninstall all previous versions of the J2SE Java listed there. Once that's done, then install Java JRE 6u7 from the downloaded installer.

Once Java is installed, IF you're using IE7, open IE7, then click on "Tools' in the upper left, select "Internet Options" , then the "Security" tab, then highlight "Internet" icon (the world globe), click on the "Custom Settings" button and change the security level to "Medium", instead of "Medium-High".

Hope this helps.