Ram upgrade freeze

by cobra513 - 8/19/05 9:59 AM

Please bear with me as this is my first post here. I have an emachines model t5026,p4 519 3.06 gig processor,533 fsb with pc3200 512mb ram in 2 sticks. This is a dual channel ram board. I wanted to upgrade my ram so I purchased a matched set of pc3200 512mb kingston sticks. No matter what configuration I tried when the new sticks were put in it would freeze the computer, some time making it only as far as the emachine logo, but rarely even that far, on occaision I could make it into the bios set up screen and it would say the sticks were there but never boot up. Tech support and I figured the sticks might be bad so I exchanged them for two of the same sticks, same problem. Next I returned those and ordered 2 of the corsair value select sticks. First try I got a series of checker board color bars across the screen, on reboot got same thing over part of the emachine logo. Tried several other configurations finaly getting the computer to boot up with the 2 512mb in one channel of slots and the two 256mb in the other. Booted fine but when I tried to go online computer started to reset itself until I shut it down. Thought maybe a software issue so I went into msconfig and disabled everything that wasn't needed I also disabled all of my norton software (anti virus, firewall, goback) but left on windows system restore, same result. Windows bios says the ram is there and correct type but system will either not boot or boot and restart if you do try something. When I take the new memory out it says it has detected a decrease in memory but boots up and runs just fine without the new memory.