Dk, Finding OLK Files and Folders

On Windows XP, IF they are there, the OLK folder should reside at the path below:

C\Documents and Settings\Yourusername\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.

Occasionally, it the OLK folder may be placed in the "C\Windows\Temp\Temporary Internet Files" folder.

Opening the folder simply means navigating to the folder in Windows Explorer, then double clicking on the folder, then the message. The message, which was saved in the basic Outlook "message" format, should open normally using Microsoft Outlook.

And remember, not all computer's create the default "OLK" folders..In fact, most do you may not be able to find any on the computer. IF Outlook on your computer IS saving it's message in an OLK folder, you should be able to determine the OLK folder's location by attempting to save a message and when the "Save In" box loads, click on the "drop down arrow" in the "Save In" line. You should be able to determine it's location by "back tracking" using that drop down menu.

Hope this helps.