Do most of this Lost Valley

by mruth10 - 11/13/10 7:21 AM

In Reply to: What can the web do for you? by LostValley

I have been in the computer business for eons - started on a Burroughs 4K machine writing Basic assembler. So yes I have my recipe database, scanned my photos in Picassa, read Brit newspapers on the web, beta test bits of new software but the connection of devices has evaded me - however this discussion has been amazing. I need to pass it on to my sons who generally actually glue my stuff together. Google Earth does not appeal to me but selling stuff on the web is appealing (haven't done it yet) but we do tons of shopping on the web.
It is amzing to me that when I was a child we didn't even have a television let alone a computer but mine has been a lifetime of tecchie change.