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by pandrew3 - 11/13/10 5:05 AM

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You have some very valid points, I think I am upset that as a country that uses technology extensively people like Palm tend to ignore us. I teach this stuff, which is why I have all the connections and I am lucky that most products are handed to me for evaluation and to be used as teaching aids. That does get around the designed obsolete problem but never gets around the incompatibility.

Any system I have available on the net has a second level of security using a key gen. My 3 storage sites are private servers within government organisations. All my WiFi are on different networks and are not trusted between other networks. My security systems have not only a key gen, but are not obviously named and use a different opertating system. They are not Windows, Unix or Apple.

Why do I go to such lengths? As part of the learning stream, all students use this as part of their training in security systems. But your points are all valid. security is the biggest problem such a system faces after compatability. It appears that the only way I can get any real security is by VPN and this is way too expensive and complicated for general use. but all the concepts are tested and work. I have been attacked on a regular basis for the last 12 months and on one occasion successfully.

My only real worry is the Picasa account. I am trying now to get each system to operate within predetermined limits, and anything outside that runs a double verification. On a normal system I don't think the various individual systems are stable enough for general use, but that is what my funding project is working on. Would like to here more of what your thoughts are