I saw ... and counterpointed ;-)

by MuleHeadJoe - 6/6/12 11:21 AM

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((caveat: this is a repost from that other thread))

First off: I'm running Win8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy build 5280 in a VMWare virtual machine.

Second off: VM-related technical issues abound, but I'm too lazy to spend much time in hunting down the answers although I know that there are guides and/or helpful posts which discuss VM. My virtualized version of Win8 can't find my network, even tho I've got any number of other VMs which see my network and other external devices without a problem. So ... in my Win8 VM, I've not got any interwebs, so cannot test many of the functions.

The "desktop" view is very Win 7-ish at first glance. That's the glance that many Pro-8ers will use to excoriate the ludites among us who complain about the metro. "ya dummy" they say, "ya dunna gotta use the metro, just go to the desktop!" ... okay ... so I'm there ... where's the programs? There is no menu available in the desktop view that I can find. I SLAM my mouse over to the wall, or drift down to the corner, and when in these hotspots (whether I go there intentionally or not) some pointer-location activated graphical object suddenly appears on screen (( whether I want it to or not!! )) which apparently is my only interface to the actual functionality of the OS. So if I want to launch a program ... I SLAM (thank you for that idiom, Mark!) my mouse on over, select ... well , I dunno what to select ... there's no button/icon for PROGRAMS ... settings, devices, start, sharing, search ... I don't want any of those options! I just want to SEE the programs available and SELECT a specific program to run!!!!!

... fine ... I select Start ... and CRAP!!!! I'm back in Metro!!!!! Where's my programs????????????? WTH!?!?!?!

man ... what happens if I click on ... oh, no, wait ... crap again! I'm not online (see "second off" above) and this stupid thing is trying to download data from the interwebz ... how do I get out of this ... this ... thing? app? program? widget? what is this thing? where's the menu bar? where's the exit button? there's no window controls at all in this gadget-thingy!!!! How do I get out of it?!?!? oh wait! Alt-Tab!!!! Ha HAA!!! That worked! Or did it? Wait a ... the widgapp is still running in the background! HOW DO I EXIT / SHUT DOWN THE STUPID GADGAPP?!?!?


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