I understand management behind kicking part

by TWB404 - 3/23/12 4:47 PM

In Reply to: Just read WHY they did that. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I understand why it is needed for the tablet to compete against the iPad and if they were just doing it on the version that is going to be installed on tablets I would not have posted. Just so everyone knows I am rooting for it to succeed in that area.

If I understand Win 8 Metro correctly they will have 2 versions. One is for ARM and the other for x86. The x86 version for the desktop, laptops is the one I am talking about. I will repeat that if I have interpreted the article I posted correctly, this feature is being offered in the version that will be installed on desktop, laptops. If that is correct I do not understand why they would leave this out of the desktop part but make it available for the Metro part. It can not be that hard to include it if your using the desktop in Win 8 Metro. I have a saying and that time will always explain everything to us if we just wait. So, I guess if I wait long I will know why they choose not have it available when you switch to the desktop mode. Or to simplify that, time will tell.