HDMI Cables Don't Work On Ports 3 And 4

by gregsw - 3/21/12 2:53 PM

I bought a Panasonic GT30 60in 3D TV with 4 HDMI ports. I spent around $70 on a Monster high speed HDMI cable. After working for a day in port #3 it stopped working, it never worked in port #4, and is fine in ports #1 and #2. At first I had the repair shop out trying to fix the TV. They exchanged the whole ports board, but still no go. Then took 2 weeks trying to figure out why ports #3 and #4 were not working. Finely they came back out and tried a different cheap cable and it worked fine.
So why does a cheap cable work and not an expensive one?
And why does my cable work in ports #1/2 and not in #3/4?