Setting up Dual Monitors

by Spurlin9 - 2/21/12 9:57 AM

At work I have a ThinkCentre M Series CPU attached to an HP monitor. I have another monitor at home that I would like to bring in. It is a Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED 24-Inch Widescreen. The problem is that I am not sure how to connect two monitors. There is only one VGA port on my CPU. There is another port on the CPU that has nine male pins, and there is one port that looks similar to a USB but is larger ... I think it might be an HDMI port, but I am not sure.

The end goal is to have both monitors running at the same time so that I can work on multiple projects at once. I do NOT want a mere duplicate of what I already have on screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is some adapter or cable I need, please try to be specific because I am lost when it comes to this stuff. Thanks everyone!