Flash recharge time

by MikkiT - 11/10/08 10:24 AM

In Reply to: Shot-to-Shot Again... by elirod04

I currently own a Casio ex-v8, and the recharge time is excellent. I have 4 nieces ages 4 and under, and i am able to keep up with them and never feel like i missed a shot.

However, if you buy this camera or any casio camera, buy it from a site that offers accidental damage insurance. Casio will not bend or make exceptions.
I bought my camera, and dropped it right out of the box, causing a ding. The camera worked perfect for 6 months, and in the middle of a halloween party stopped working mid shot. Sent it in for repair, as it is still under warranty. Without even seeing what was wrong with it, they told me it would be $135 to fix the $220 camera. *sigh*

Rather than fix it, i want to buy a new camera equal to the one i have and purchase accidental dmg insurance. But, as someone already said, there is no exactly charge that sorts by flash recharge time. So i have been searching forums for the past two weeks trying to find out whether the sony W150 or an olympus has equal recharge times.

I highly recommend the casio cameras, just make sure you have proper insurance coverage.