I'm not seeing the need for the projector

by orlbuckeye - 2/26/13 6:42 AM

In Reply to: Home entertainment setup by tumrev

unless you want to be mobile but the recievers and tuners aren't going to be mobile. I have a setup with a 58" Samsung plasma with an Onkyo 7.1 receiver with warranty it was around 2750. I have a Ipod adapter and blue ray also attached. I have everything attached to the Onkyo receiver and I have a HDMI cable that I plug into the AUX port. When I want to watch a movie on the PC I click AUX and the computer screen appears on the TV and I can play movies using my video player or youtube videos.

At my work we use projectors when we don't have a tv and we need to project to a hanging screen or even in some cases the wall.