Google has Friends and Partners..... Apple does NOT!

by iSamsung2u - 2/20/13 2:09 AM

In Reply to: Google doesn't compete that much with Apple by timhood

Google wouldn't just be selling their own brand of hardware. Google is primarily selling Android right now. But they have many other products in the pipeline. Including Google Glass, Smartwatches (not a rumor like w/ Apple, it's a fact) and their range of products will grow around Android. Which now out numbers iOS 4 to 1. So they are a lot like the Microsoft vs Apple of the 90's. Chromebooks and their Mac Mini like Chrome OS Computers are doing quite well in Enterprise market. They will only get stronger!

The reality of Apple's Stores, is that they too weren't the single company stores. NikeTown stores were the first single big brand stores to make their mark from New York to Tokyo and London. They were celebrated with grand openings every bit as spectacular and unique. Obviously Apple learned from them and even used the same marketing agency!

Google could have sublets like HTC, SAMSUNG, Sony, Lenovo and any other Android OS powered stores w/in Google Play Store. For things like Google Glass.... it would be an ideal way of giving people a chance to demo the device in person. Like with Google Smartwatches, Chromebooks, Google@HOME, and their services. They already have a store in London by the way and they are rumored to be working on a portable game console of their own too! .....and in a fun (not so stark and sterile white stuffed shirt Apple Store) store most likely to be called Play Store people could actually have fun instead of standing in lines waiting for supposed Geniuses to help them! ;-p