Advantages of Mac

by bluejeanbaby2012 - 10/8/12 9:58 PM

In Reply to: Advantages of Mac by edslak

Heya. I thought i'd post my thoughts on this subject because I get asked the same question all the time by friends and family.

I have been in the Mac world since the beginning of time, so of course I am a LITTLE biased, but here is my pat answer to anyone and everyone who asks.

The first thing I say is, buy whatever your kids are using at school. Some schools run pc, some schools run mac.
Second, on a financial scale, the pc world will always be less expensive. Less money for software, less money for games, less money for peripherals, etc. etc.
Third, however, on a production level scale, Mac wins. On a keystroke per keystroke basis, Mac users don't have to type as much. And when you consider the number of keystrokes you do per day in the production world, keystrokes=money.
Fourth, Macs are so seriously user-friendly, that buying extras like peripherals of ANY kind, are easy-peasy. Not so in the PC world.
Fifth, Macs are NOT only for the graphics industry. They are hard-working lean machines that get ANY kind of job done. BUT. If you do come from the "artsy" world, then of course Macs are the only way to go, because they are THE standard printing/publishing/graphic industry standard workhorses.

From someone who uses both... Jus' sayin' ... Happy Thanksgiving everybody.