Advantages and Disadvantages

by Science777 - 7/25/12 10:40 PM

In Reply to: Advantages of Mac by edslak

Being an artistically creative person, I much prefer using a Mac to a PC. The advantages of using a Mac is mainly its versatility, and the degree to which you can organize and view files as you would want to see them. The Mac seems more intuitive and organizes files in a way that you would in an actual space. With a PC, everything is organized in a more linear way with fewer options to find and organize them. Also much fewer viruses find their way into a Mac than into the PC. However, PCs can be less expensive than Macs for the same amount of RAM, ROM, GHZ and level of operation, while certain programs and files used on a PC won't operate on a Mac. Nevertheless, Macs and PCs keep on changing and improving. Hope this information helps.