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by bweylock - 9/3/09 4:15 PM

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I assume this will post without my adding a new subject line, which would blow the thread....

MacFixit was good.

This isn't.

That's what I think.

i also think it's a smarmy dodge to ask us what's wrong with this or to ask us for detailed suggestions. Pay a professional to take a look at the old MacFixit and reproduce it. If you did that and THEN added CNET, you'd have a fabulous winner. This pitiful name-only husk will never gain traction. Dumb business decision to buy something and then destroy it. Was it hurting your market share or something? There is zero chance that the people who knew MacFixit will like this or use it or do anything but complain about it.

Ugh! and Phooey! And oh boy you fools do make me enter a subject in a reply message. Have you ever even USED a forum??