by DeRerum - 9/3/09 9:11 AM

In Reply to: bad by Ned Scott

Ditto to everything that's been said so far. Had to hit the reply button just to get a message box this time. Gotta love item #1 in the "Please note" warning: "Do not post advertisements."

If MFI's fab moderators are here, you've got my sympathy. I doubt there's any way to fix this clunker. If your irony meters can take the abuse, we're being powered by "Jive" software. Thought I'd recommend a change to Suck and Jive, so I clicked their link. If you want all sales and no info, you want Jive. If you want primitive, try one of their videos. See how long it takes to uncross your eyes.

[ROTFLMAO! My three letter acronym in the title, beginning with "W" ending with "F" won't display in Preview. Way to go cnet!]

All I need to know is the top destination for the mass migration. Is there even anybody left here to clue me in?