by illyrius - 2/25/13 6:21 PM

In Reply to: Alienware coldboot by Mickavellian

Well! I get where you are coming from I have posts on four different forums about issues I have with this laptop. Wierdly the Aurora R4 keep coming up, a lot of people have issues with that rig. How ever, I have think I have located the issue. after installing crysis 3 and getting a wopping 12fps on lowest settings I did some sirious digging into my gpu, and the conclution is that it's defect. After a talk to dell, another re install they are coming tomorrow to replace my motherboard/gpu, which I expect stand for both issues.

On the question how good is alienware? I will say it's a really good laptop on paper, all tough i'm sick and tired of all these faults. Good costumer service make up for some of it, but still 1200£, it should work at least on the second try?!?

I will post a reply here tomorrow after the motherboard replace, and tell you if it fixed it:)