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by illyrius - 2/18/13 6:35 AM

In Reply to: Slow coldboot alienware laptop by illyrius

Here's the specific times: from I turn on the laptop it takes 1:34 minutes before the screen shows anything. Then it takes another 54 seconds to the log in screen shows, then another 54 seconds for me to open Firefox. So all together 3:23 minutes for the machine to start up.

This have been a issue since i got the machine, but I have up to date antivirus etc. and reinstalled everything(windows, drivers in the order recommended by dell) less than a week ago. Once the machine is running I can't complain about the speed. Runs every game I've tried on a very good setting as well, so I doubt this would have anything to do with virus or anything like that.

This test was done with no connected usb, memory card etc. only the power cord was connected.

I will update when I have talked to dell. If anybody else experience the same problem.