...problem installing this hardware: MTP Device - Resolved!

This thread may be old, but it absolutely solved my problem.
I got a brand new HTC Droid DNA yesterday. Love it!
I was trying to migrate stuff from my Windows XP hard drive into this HTC Droid DNA, and always got this same error.

Correction steps:
1) Downloaded: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=71641&/umdf.exe
2) Installed, rebooted the XP.
3) Connected the phone to the XP.
4) Opened the device manager, saw under "Portable Devices" an yellow exclamation mark on my phone device, which is HTC6435LVW.
5) Right mouse clicked on HTC6435LVW, then selected "Update Driver..."

Worked like a charm!
My HTC Droid DNA now is recognized instantly every time connected to the XP.
Files transfer is as easy as it's supposed to.
The VZW rep who was supposedly helping me got the entire scoop, so he can help others with this issue.

Thank you, GatesDA!