Tried everything in this thread, still won't work

I've been having this problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 -- I simply cannot get it to connect properly to my PC laptop (running XP Professional SP3). Unfortunately, I've tried everything in this thread and still can't get it to work. I've installed the Samsung drivers and uninstalled them, installed Kies and uninstalled and reinstalled again, no luck. When I update the driver using the method in the original post and select wpdmtp.inf and click "Next" it just gives me another error message saying either "A service installation section in the INF is invalid" or it says "Cannot Start this Hardware
There was a problem installing this hardware: MTP Device
This device cannot start (Code 10)."

I downloaded and installed the Windows Framework that several users in this thread said would solve the problem, but that did nothing and I'm still unable to get it to connect. Occasionally I'll get it to almost work and after uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers it will say "Found New Hardware: SAMSUNG Mobile USB, SAMSUNG_Android etc etc, MTP" in the lower right hand corner of the screen and it will list a few different things it finds, meaning it's recognizing the phone, but then that's followed by "A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly" and nothing works.

I can successfully connect it to a friend's Mac and a relative's desktop PC (also running XP Pro SP3) but not my laptop. I've spent hours trying to fix this to no avail and I'm about ready to throw both the laptop and the phone out the window. Can anyone help? Is there anything else I could do that I haven't already tried? If someone could help me find a solution it would be GREATLY appreciated!