connection issue between laptop videocard and screen

by JasperNLo_o - 3/15/12 11:29 AM

Dear cNet users,

My laptop got some problems with the screen. It started a week ago. Whenever I start the laptop, the screen doesn't give a sign, also no lighting. To me it seems that there's something broken with the connection between the Video card and the screen.

I've done the following things, without a result.
I've connected a VGA Cable and that worked fine. I haven't done any changes in the bios (at least, not that actual that it could be a reason).
I've pressed at the borders of the screen, hoping that it'll give a sign, but it didn't result into anything.
There's no warranty on the laptop anymore, so it isn't possible to send it back to the manufacturer or something like that.

Does someone know a way to solve it? In fact it's possible to open it up, it hasn't got warranty by the manufacturer anymore, and I'm known with attaching new hardware to desktop pc's.

I hope you could help me with solving this thing.



Laptop specs
Presario CQ60
Manufacter: Compaq, but it has a HP service tag
Model: CQ60-300ED
Originally it had a windows Vista home-premium x86 system, but I've installed windows 7 home premium on it, and the development preview of windows 8 earlier this year.