MacFixIt Article: Print settings keep reverting

by tkessler CNET staff - 7/20/09 12:11 PM

Print settings keep reverting

The print dialogue for most applications is the system dialogue that holds the standard options for number of prints, page ranges, and layouts. In some instances, settings changes may not save according to how you want it.

Apple discussion poster "Charles Gardner" writes:

"For some reason, all my applications have "defaulted" to printing in landscape mode. How do I change or reset the default back to portrait mode?"

More than likely, these problems are caused by a specific printing preset being used. After setting up a print job the way you want it, you can save those settings as a preset under the "Presets" menu, which will load every time. If your print settings keep reverting, try creating a preset with the settings you want, and select this preset from the menu. It should be used as the default preset for each print job, unless you select another one. As such, while this problem is caused by printing presets, it is also solved by them.

Another option is to choose "Last Used Settings" from the same "Presets" menu, which will retrieve any changes you made to the print settings and for your last print job, and use them. With this and the option to create a dedicated preset, you should be able to get the print settings to behave as you require.


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