I suggest, if capable...

by Willy - 3/1/09 9:53 AM

In Reply to: Milk in Dell keyboard by macewan_

Remove battery and then kybd.. Inspect area where kybd. was for any other spillage, clean if found. Use 90% rubbing alcohol and shop towels or use clean old t-shirt as rag. Once done, using liquid type soap place in warm water and wash the kybd. allow to soak and repeat until clean. After cleaning, remove and shake dry as much of access soapy water and then rinse in clean warm water. Repeat, until soap film is gone. Remove and shake until access water is gone. Rap kybd. against dry towel on all sides to help exit all water. Once done, place kybd. on sunny window or any heat source like heat vent(must be warm but not hot, avoid warpage) and allow to dry out. Make sure its dry!!!!!! Some water can be trapped in areas not easily inspected, so allow for as much time as necessary. Once done, return kybd. and test results. If it works, great if not, exit kybd. and dry out again for a longer period, then retest. if it fails again, buy replacement kybd. from some laptop used/repair source(google away). Unless, you have access to a cleaning vat, this will work. Its important to dry out kybd. as its sealed against some spillage but direct electronic contacts can be compromised until cleaned, yet be dry.

THIS IS ALL AT YOUR OWN RISK, otherwise pay for the service to be done or buy replacement.

tada -----Willy happy