A service installation section in the INF is invalid

by Richard N - 2/16/08 6:49 AM

In Reply to: Open .inf file by onzey

I first posted this problem in June; tried a few fixes but have been away from it for six months - apologies! My son's return home has reignited my interest (and exasperation!).

tushar43 seems to hold the solution but tushar you ar egoing to have to go more slowly for my non-agile mind.

I opened the foler Windows\inf - a "hidden folder" (yes?)

I could not see anything called .inf driver but there was

The PNF files ask for a programme to open then with; the other two open in the usual way (right click and then open from the drop-down menu).

In my windows\system\system32\drivers folder there is a file usb8023.sys AND usb8032.sys

However in neither drvindex nor drvmcdb could I see either or the entry "ServiceBinary - = %12%\usb8023.sys" which tushar43 referred to in his/her posting.

Am I doing somehting wrong??

Please advise; thanks in advane. Richard