I could fix this problem

I had similar problem while installing USB network device on my machine with windows XP. I was getting same error "a service installation section in this inf is invalid"

What i did was i opened the .inf driver file, went to "XP" section of the driver skipping 98,ME, 2000 portions and then saw a line "ServiceBinary = %12%\usb8023.sys" when i went to windows\system32\drivers folder, i saw that there was an existing file usb8023x.sys so i replaced the line in the .inf driver file which i had (of course backed up original one) and changed the line to usb8023x.sys from usb8023.sys and then tried providing the same driver again and Wooohaaa.. it worked. Right now my devices works awesome.

This is 100% working fix, let me know if it works for you which i am sure will.