A service installation section in the INF is invalid.

by Richard N - 6/16/07 6:16 AM

My son has an iRiver H10 20GC MTP player. His laptop has stopped recognising it; but my desktop recognises it fine.

In the Device manager on his laptop there is a yellow exclamation mark.
It has no drivers (code 28) and when I attempt to install them I get an error message:-

A service installation section in the INF is invalid.

I contacted iRiver who sent me Firmware and said that would sought out the problem; but it has not (nor did I think it would as the H10 workd fine on my desktop.

I then followed this thread from the Dell forum.

Just a detection issue and your pc just needs to recognize it again ..... Like I said on your thread in the Dell forums:
Just wanted to make sure that you did the following steps:
Connect the 'bad' Ditty Open up Device Manager
Locate the 'bad' Ditty, right click and seled Properties On the Driver tab click on Update Driver
Depending on how many updates you have for Windows a message may appear saying to connect to Windows Update, select No, not at this time and click Next Choose the option for Install from a specific location (Advanced), click Next Choose the option to Don't search. I will choose the driver to install, click Next Click on Have Disk
Browse to: C:\WINDOWS\inf

Here I was able to browse to C:WINDOWS\inf but not within the folder so I could not execute the rest.

Click on wpdmtp
Click Open
Choose MTP Device Click on Next
It will install the necessary stuff and hopefully your Ditty will work ...

So I went on to do this but to no avail.
Otherwise you can go into the registry:
From the Properties window of the 'bad' Ditty click on Details From the drop-down menu select Hardware ID's
Write down the first line which appears. Eg mine says:
USB\ Vid_041e&Pid_ 4132&Rev_0100
Remove the following: USB\Vid_ &Pid_ &Rev_ so your left with: 041e41320100
Open up your Registry (Start Run regedit)
Browse to: HKEY _LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControISet\Contro I\UsbFlags\
Find the number that you have above, so I would be looking for 041e41320100 Delete this key, the whole folder.
Connect the 'bad' Ditty and see what happens.

The Device details in Device Manager on both machines is

The driver on my GOOD desktop is wpdusb.sys

As a said, there is no driver on my sons BAD laptop and whenever I attempt to install one using the Device Manager Troubleshooter I get the same

A service installation section in the INF is invalid.

Please can you help?

With thanks and best wishes,