What the heck is going on over at Sony ?

I just made a Sony purchase (Product and model with-held...awaiting response from SonyListens prior to "going viral" with a MAJOR issue).

Believe me when I say that my complaint has caused Sony to "listen". We'll see what their "revised offer" is to my complaint. The first offer was laughable, if not downright...embarrassing. I wonder if the staff at SonyListens have their own "bets-on-the-side" as to which one one can get away with the least amount of compensation per issue. As a business owner, I can't say that really I blame them for offering little, and hoping for a lot in return...but sheesh....can't they get a little more REAL?

Track this thread and look for an update on July 20, 2012. I guarantee that you will find the 'outcome" worthwhile to note.