Remote Antenna - Bunny Ear it!

by wm22 - 10/10/11 3:47 PM

In Reply to: LCD TV interference with satellite IR remote by BrienCharles

Thank you all for the help...because of this thread I was able to solve my problem.

However, my problem was a bit different...

I recently bought a 42" Vizio E421VO LCD and it started interfering with the Dish Network satellite setup we had. The satellite receiver was in Dual Mode, meaning we had the main tv (the new Vizio) on the main level and a smaller tv up in the bedroom. The problem was similar to others discussed here, where you had to hold down buttons for 30sec for anything to happen on the channels. So I turned off the ambient lighting setting on the Vizio and that solved the problem for TV1.

But then TV2 upstairs started messing up a few days later...the remote worked on the tv, but not to control the sat. So after some trial and error, I fig'ed out there was a small metal antenna on the back of the sat receiver that said "Remote Antenna". I replaced that little twig of an antenna with some old 'bunny ears' I dug out of the garage from my old-old tv.

Problem solved. The new, much larger antennas were able to override the interference and let me control TV2 with no problem. I was able to hide the obnoxious looking antennas behind the tv which it setting on a large stand...but for those of you who have a wall mounted may have to be a little more creative with masking.

Hope this helps someone like this thread helped me!!!