dish remote not working with sony bravia tv

by grshpp - 5/29/10 3:20 PM

In Reply to: dish remote not working with sony lcd by jchelstowski

I recently bought a 40" Sony Bravia and shortly after, my dish IR remote would not work. Dish sent me 2 remotes and had no idea what the problem was. Took the suggestion to turn off light sensor on tv and it worked. In the settings menu you will find a tab for "Picture". Under picture you will see a title for "Ambient Sensor". Turn this feature "Off" and you should notice your tv get a little brighter. You will also find that your remote will now work controlling your tv and the dish satellite receiver. So far this has worked. I would guess that all lcd tvs have a feature along these lines that cause this interference. Don't bother calling Dish Network because all they know how to do is send you remotes and act like it is not their problem.