News: Sony wants to fix your Wega Television?

by simply_bill - 11/16/09 6:47 PM

Better late then never. Sony has assigned the Technical Liaison between Office of President and Customers with technical problem resolution to review every single Wega Claim on a one to one basis. Great News!

Send your info, he is here to help us.



Sony Electronics

Hello Alll. How are you today?

So, first of all those of you with WEGA customer service needs that I have not connected with yet, I have a contact for you in customer service named Tony. I want to get you guys connected with him, because he will personally review each case and see what can be done for you. Tony's email is If you need customer care or service please send him an email. Include your Full name, phone number and any customer numbers like work order, support case, sales order number you have. You can also include product or serial numbers if you have them... any details to help speed up the process. In the subject like write "Your Name" From Facebook. Also, please copy me at Please don't expect an answer over night.. it's going to take some time to review each case.

I know you are frustrated... and it sounds like many of you have been for a while. Like I said in an earlier post, figuring out how to make you Sony Fans again is at the top of my mind and has been since the first note I got from Jim a few days ago. That being said, I'd like to ask you guys to respect the other people who come here and are fans. In addition, I'm doing my best, I'd appreciate that you consider your tone with me too.

It's Friday night here in San Diego.. yes, Friday the 13th. I hope you all have a good one. I'll check in over the weekend for any emails from you to make sure they get where they need to be.