by Cybesq - 2/11/13 1:34 PM

In Reply to: Then you are saying? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Wow, you are really bending over backwards to give HP the benefit of the doubt aren't you? I hope you get a nice Christmas bonus or at least a gold star on your report card.

"HP must never made a guess that it's the printer and have it replaced"?

Yes, they should err on the side of the consumer (think Apple Care concept). If a printer is less than two months old, the tech rep should ask how much printing has been done. If the answer (as was the case here), my father told them that he printed less than 20 total pages, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that it is probably the printer. Instead HP makes the decision to sell a vulnerable and not tech savy senior citizen more ink, and then when that doesn't work then they offer to replace the printer (and then send it to the wrong place).

"We will not pay for good service". Wrong. We buy extended warranties on $99 dollar products specifically as a way to try and get good service.

You can post all day long, but you also avoid every tough question and only answer the easy ones. Do you think HP is running competently or efficiently when they Fed Ex manuals to one side of the country and the printer to the other? Or how about when they can't return a phone call that would have saved them return expedited shipping, TWICE? They pass that incompetence and cost down to the consumer. If they had competent customer service, they could save enough money to offer good service.

Meg Whitman is apparently just as big a failure at running HP as she was trying to get elected in California. Must be the leadership.