Human vs. Printer

by Cybesq - 2/8/13 4:19 PM

In Reply to: In this universe. by R. Proffitt Moderator

The analogy doesn't really hold up. There is no physician extended warranty number to call, and if you call a doctor with a problem, they schedule an appointment or make sure you visit an emergency room. They don't take your credit card from another country and send you medicine. If they do, they go to jail.

Consumers have not voted for any such thing. Consider yourself conned. People pay more for Apple products, specifically because of the customer service. People will pay more for quality items and service and it is the companies, not consumers that made the decision, quick sales, poor customer service, and crap products for higher profit. There is no excuse for providing customers with a product at any price that does suit its intended purpose in 2 months. If you are only going to offer "pay as you go support" then don't charge for an extended warranty and don't upsell products when you pretend its customer support.

The behavior of HP is inexcusable. I find it reprehensible, especially given that they are taking advantage of a senior.

How long have you worked for HP?