by Cybesq - 2/8/13 1:36 PM

In Reply to: We are not helping ourselves here. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Are you kidding me? My dad is a retired doctor who spent his life taking care of people. He doesn't have his own IT staffer. When he calls customer support, he's not "folk" who wants a correct diagnosis without inspection, he's a guy who has a printer that doesn't work with an extended warranty. How about a customer service rep who says, "Gee, maybe someone should look at that" and not "give your credit card so I can charge you for you more ink you won't need because I don't have the ability to solve this problem over the phone from India."

Are you going to make excuses for the HP customer service reps who can't solve the problem of a printer being sent to the wrong location after 4 hours on the phone? Maybe I should call my IT staffer to come pack it up and take care of it for him.

We brought this on ourselves? In what universe? Lower prices are just a way to sell a crappier product and then hope you can beat down the customer who has a problem long enough that he just buys a new one.