by ernc - 8/3/11 11:53 PM

In Reply to: Still not the same by dofoxaz

1. - we shouldn't have expected any help from the attorneys handling the case once the initial settlement had been reached. With the settlement, their fee had been established. So they didn't have any incentive to fight on the issue of laptop equality. That would be just an extra cost to them. And from other threads elsewhere, I gather that the expert they brought in to testify actually had a long history of consulting for NVIDEA.
2. - touchpad - I agree, mine sucks also. Fortunately I have always used a mouse almost exclusively.
3. - lightscribe - for reasons I don't understand, HP is apparently phasing out lightscibe on all their computers, and if you have trouble with exiting unit, will replace with non-lightscribe drive.
4. - I also lost video cam and i/o ports in the exchange - but don't know what you mean by HDsetup
In summary, with a 7200 RPM, 500 GB Harddrive ( with all of HP's junk removed), which I saved from the original laptop before returning to HP, with windows7 ultimate and the previously mentioned upgrades, I at least have a system with which I can do some serious work. (It involves computations but not graphics -so the graphics card, which is the weakest part of the system now is not that much of a drawback.) I posted my original post primarily to let others know the Turion II is a possible upgrade.