Still not the same

by dofoxaz - 8/3/11 7:19 PM

In Reply to: Upgrade of replacement CQ56 by ernc

Bob, I have seriously thought about an Apple myself. I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth! But hey! I just want a laptop that works for more than a few months!

emc: I am very happy to hear that the replacement worked out well for you! My issue is that my dead laptop came with a Light Scribe DVD burner, multi i/o ports, video cam, HD setup, and much more. The system I received in return is the same one that you received. The CQ56. Mine has absolutely zero extras. I have already returned it to HP for touchpad repairs (too hard to push bar) but when I received it back, it's still the same. Just a hunka hunka burnin junk!
Good luck with your new system! I am tired of fighting with them. I contacted the attorneys on the case and they advised me on what the judge ruled on. Apparently he has no IT experience ( wink (three attorneys argued they were not like and same replacements)). The judge rules. Hope he never rules on a homicide case!! LOL