Laptop suggestions??

by dofoxaz - 8/3/11 11:11 AM

In Reply to: Missed the Boat... by FalconRN

I, too am a 'victim' of the NVIDIA mess. Lost so many pictures that I will never be able to reclaim. Don't worry about 'missing the boat' on the replacement. It is not worth the time nor the energy to ship it back. The replacement is a real peice of junk! Literally!
Back to the point....I am a retired PC Specialist....I always, ALWAYS recommended and supported either Dell or HP/Compaq systems. I have turned away from them completely. Dell and HP are in the territory of having an extremely high fail rate. Not like the good old days when they made a good road warrior laptop. All of my contacts are finding a great amount of success with the Toshiba brand. I never cared for Toshiba nor did I ever want one. But after all the failures and losses of other brands, Toshiba may be a good fit. One friend in particular works for an electronics company and has used Toshiba for the last six years, with no failure whatsoever. He may not have the same one he started with, but only because he upgraded to the newest model. You may want to do some research on , and other such sites. You may find you like the Toshiba! It's worth a shot, especially when it comes to hanging on to your important data, along with backup, backup, backup!
Hope this helps (no, I do not work for Toshiba or sell them. I do not sell any computers, just support them)!!
Good luck!