unhappy/cadilac for a VW

by vikkibraun - 5/4/11 7:23 PM

In Reply to: H.P./ Nvidia Settlement by jddvs18

I paid $1100 4 my HP Pavillion 10 mo later the motherboard failed I spent 250,00 to copy my data to send it off I have spent $$ on repairs after- I have a lot of $$ in this laptop -repairs(that did not last) have had nohing but problems .I thought hp was great ,but I am so not happy They have lied & mis represented this situation I am about to get a $279 clunker They will take my 19 " ,put a new chip in it & sell it refurbished for $400-500 Duh- They make $ Ya think we are getting screwed I do! I will go to Dell after this I wIll sread the word about how HP does busin w/ its big spender Buy a cadalac & you get a volkswagon