I "thought" that I filed a claim, apparently NOT

by JDUZAC - 3/21/11 2:00 PM

In Reply to: H.P./ Nvidia Settlement by jddvs18

Hi, I thought that I did what was neccesary on the litigation website, but after calling them up recently, the guy asked me for my claim number. Well, I never recieved any claim number, but this is what I did recieve...

You have successfully registered your email address to receive future updates regarding the NVIDIA GPU Litigation.

This e-mail has been automatically generated. Do not reply to this e-mail, as it will not be received.

NVIDIA GPU Litigation Settlement Administrator


And NOW, i guess that I "didn't" file a claim, but filed a "RUSE" that would make me think that I filed a claim, telling me that I was on the list. I remember waiving my rights to sue, and other such nonsense, and THOUGHT that I had FILED the claim!

So I waited for the next E-mail that would tell me what to do next. And now, of course the date has passed, and of course ONLY about 30,000 claims had been filed BECAUSE "whatever" I filled out, WAS MERELY A RUSE TO MAKE "MANY OF US" THINK THAT WE FILED A CLAIM.

With that being said, I somewhat expected that if I did send my HP Laptop in to be replaced, (as many of you all that DID actually figure out how to REALLY file a claim) I might be seriously dissapointed by what I ended up with, ESPECIALLY after having to wait "FOUR TO SIX" damn weeks.

I am sick of this world and I am sick of the corporate entities and LAWYERS controlling it.

Lastly, when calling the phone number provided, and finding that a third party company was handling it, I knew at that moment that this was there way of avoiding disputes, and enabling themselves to say...

"So, what is your claim number?"
"I can't find you on the list, even with your name"
"I am sorry, I need the claim number YOU WERE SENT"
"No, I cannot seem to find it through your name."


Please, submit a reply so that more people can get on my list of "ones who were fooled into believing that they had done the work neccesary for filing a claim.

Thanks, joe