My experience matches your expectations

Over the years I do not believe I have ever encountered a software publisher that exhibits lower quality applications and as embarrassingly poor responsiveness. Although I hoped that my pointing out C|Net's horribly misdirected first answer in this thread and the year-long empty promise of its second response might, somehow, cause it to provide some information of value, my expectation is that the only real purpose will be to allow me to vent my frustrations about a company whose lack of shame seems to be matched only by its technical incompetence. That any company would permit such a destructive application to remain uncorrected and not even deliver a way of disabling it is almost beyond belief.

It is helpful to have you confirm that your proposed technique for shutting down this miserable excuse for a computer program has been successful. As long as it was just a method that "should work", I was reluctant to make changes regarding an application that already behaves so badly. The last thing I want is to have it start doing even more bizarre and destructive things.

Now that you report that your steps do, indeed, work, I'll set out to remove this irritant from my life. Thanks for the information.