Good luck hearing back from c|net!

I doubt you're going to hear back from c|net on this. If they didn't reply to my semi-inflammatory post, I doubt that they are going to reply at all. Regarding your questions, I have seen updates for c|net TechTracker download since I posted. However, they have not improved the issues we brought up originally. I honestly don't understand the thought-process at c|net for forcing this subpar product on us (by secretly incorporating it and not allowing us to disable it through the app).

It's interesting that you just replied because I was just looking back at my post the other day to disable the Uninstaller on another computer of mine. Still works like a charm (I realized I never came back to state that it worked) in OS X 10.8 as it did in OS X 10.6.

However, if you're uncomfortable making system changes like I suggested, then there's not much more you can do apart from uninstalling c|net TechTracker completely. That is, if it actually lets you uninstall it. My digging for a solution turned up the insidiousness of the TechTracker application, the duplication of itself in hidden locations, and its ability to not only restart itself regardless of how you terminate it but also to reinstall itself if you try to delete it in any traditional way. Again, I'm not really sure what c|net is thinking on their end. The software acts more like a virus or malware than any other app I've ever seen before.

Good luck!