TechTracker Uninstaller problem status?

More than a year ago (as the warning informs me, yes, I am aware that "This thread is more than 420 days old"; C|Net's subsequent silence is one of the primary reasons for this new inquiry), I posted a problem concerning the unstable, unpredictable TechTracker Uninstaller. In February, 2012, a C|Net representative replied that the solution I was seeking, viz., turning off the problematic application, was not currently possible; but that it would "be addressed in future versions." Since that time, I have received no update. What is the status of the Uninstaller and the ability to turn it off? In October, 2012, some kind user posted tentative instructions for disabling TechTracker Uninstaller; but before I go flailing about in the system, performing operations with whose results I am not entirely familiar, I'd prefer to have C|Net ring in on the issue with a more formal and official reply. Anybody out there?