I just want to know does the uninstaller have a log

by kdmckale--2008 - 10/14/12 3:21 PM

In Reply to: Concerning disabling the Uninstaller by CNETSupport CNET staff

Does the uninstaller log the files it moves to the trash? As the first user indicated, the uninstaller moves files that are UNRELATED to the application to the trash. I wish I had known this before agreeing. Thankfully it doesn't delete them outright. However, I am left with a trash bin full of files that belong somewhere, and I don't have the "put back" option I normally would have when something is moved to the trash.

Hence, I need to know where each of these 427 unrelated files go. I hope you were intelligent enough to have the uninstaller keep a log (hope because clearly something's not right on your end when you create an uninstaller that works the way yours does).

Your immediate response is greatly desired!!!