Response misses the point

by johnfrench--2008 - 2/1/12 7:20 PM

In Reply to: Using the TechTracker Uninstaller by CNETSupport CNET staff

The response fails to address the problem described in the original message. I am not (intentionally) using the TechTracker Mac Uninstaller to remove items from my system; I am simply dragging them to the Trash; from that point on, Uninstaller inserts itself, unbidden, into the process. That would be OK, I guess, except that, as I reported, on two occasions, Uninstaller has crashed, leaving my Applications folder in serious disarray, with random files (completely unrelated to the application I'm attempting to discard) in the Trash, where I would be in really bad trouble if I did not spend a significant amount of time restoring them to their proper place.

I am not trying to find out how to use TechTracker Mac Uninstaller nor am I trying to learn how it works, which is what the CNET response addresses. Until CNET has resolved the serious problems that has occurred with Uninstaller, both the crashing and the mangling of the Applications folder, what I want to know is how to disable Uninstaller, totally and completely. Located, as it is, in


it is clearly not a standard type of application; and I do not know how to get to it, much less get rid of it. That, fundamentally, is what I want to know how to do.