Is TechTracker a virus? Sure acts like one.

by gpmckay - 5/19/11 4:55 PM

In Reply to: Uninstalling TechTracker on a Mac by CNET_Gregg

TechTracker has the characteristics of a virus. I thought I had removed TechTracker at least 2 times before, only to find this "TTEngine" process running(a couple months later) for a 3rd time. I've tried to delete the files CNet referenced in the above post and learned the following:

1) As long as TTEngine process is running, preference files get recreated;
2) Try to kill TTEngine process and my browser opens at CNet with TechTracker scanning my computer and Thanking Me for using it( same thing when leaving files in trash and rebooting);
3) Can't kill(force quit) the TTEngine process so, see items (1) and (2) above and repeat(forever!);
4) TTEngine is updating file dates on my computer. Does it send anything to CNet after I thought I uninstalled TechTracker? I don't know, ask CNet.

So far on this 3rd try, I've spent a couple hours of my valuable time researching and trying to get the TTEngine process and TechTracker files off my MacBook Pro(and again failure) and now I'm spending my time posting this comment.

I highly recommend "MacUpdate"(at for automated, accurate, bugfree program updates. It's also free of "virus like" behavior. I recommend CNet create an uninstaller for TechTracker that works; out of respect for their users time.