Uninstalling TechTracker on a Mac

by CNET_Gregg - 3/9/11 9:44 AM

In Reply to: Console Message by Snapper671

Hello Snapper671,

In order to manually delete the TechTracker application, you should move the following folder and files to the Trash:

/Applications/CNET TechTracker
User/Library/Application Support/TechTracker
User/Library/Preference Panes/TechTracker
User/Library/TechTracker folder

Once you move these files along with the CNET TechTracker folder to the Trash, restart your Macintosh, and then empty the Trash, TechTracker will be completely removed.

In addition, there was an update released for TechTracker on Monday 3/8, which will directly address the "TTEngine issue". You might also try downloading and installing this update and see if it resolves your issue.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

CNET TechTracker Support